American Music for gypsy souls


American Music For Gypsy Souls is the band, debut CD and musical collaboration between world renown chromatic harmonica player Bill Barrett and Los Angeles session bassist and producer Eric Holden. Bill's career spans 3 decades performing with the likes of the L.A. Philharmonic, Natalie Merchant, members of Black Flag and Nels Cline.  He is currently in the acclaimed New York roots ensemble Hazmat Modine and guitarist Marc Ford's Neptune Blues Club.  Eric has traveled the planet for years with Americana legends The BoDeans and rockers Five For Fighting & Vertical Horizon and has recorded and performed with such luminaries as Bela Fleck, Nina Hagen, Elton John and John Williams.

While the American Music For Gypsy Souls record would most likely be classified as World Music, many influences are apparent and the roots run deep.  Wild improvisational abandon is tempered by a healthy dose of American Soul, Jazz and even Klezmer.  James Brown, Kid Creole, Django and Miles all make an appearance filtered through Bill and Eric's warped minds.  With a cast of stellar New York and Los Angeles session players (and a few of the World's great harmonica players), Eric Holden and Bill Barrett may have just made their own Bizarro-World Superfly.  A unique American Soul record for the next generation of music lovers.


A strange and beautiful light

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